This box is not big enough to describe me *-* Too many fandoms, so little time. I love rollerskating and my cat. I'M A HUGE POTTERHEAD ∞ Videogames lover. I've stuck with harry until the very end <3 Laura,16, potterhead since 6,Pure Ravenclaw. I love Evanna Lynch and Jackie Emerson. I ship Harry-Hermione and Neville-Luna. I'm straight, but Evanna Lynch is my secret crush. When I grow up I'd like to work as an auror at the ministry of magic, like Mad-eye Moody. I'm a tribute. I loooove the hunger games and I read ALL the books before the movie. I'm in love with foxface, she is so clever and I think she knew that those berries were poisonous. I'm starting to watch anime and read manga! Harry Potter - Delivery Owl
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